The Importance of Reputation for Freelancers

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Hey — It’s Temidayo.

Have you ever been to a restaurant where the food was amazing, but the service was terrible?

You know, the kind of place where the waiter is rude, the order is wrong, and the bill is inflated.

How did that make you feel?

Did you want to go back there again or even recommend it to your friends?

Probably not.

Well, guess what?

Your clients are like restaurant customers, too. They don’t just care about how talented you are. They also care about the quality of your service.

This brings us to the 3 ideas I have for you this week.

#1 – The difference between a $500 and a $5000 freelancer

Oliver posted this question on X:

Many people replied that the $5000 proposal was superior.

But I had a different perspective. So I quoted his post with this response:

You might be wondering why that response.

Well, I think reaching the $5000 level takes time and effort.

Oliver agreed with me:

The truth is, you can’t just start freelancing and expect to earn $5000.

You need to have experience and credibility. You need to work hard and build your reputation, so that you don’t have to chase clients anymore. They will come to you through referrals or your portfolio. That’s the difference between you and the successful freelancer.


You need to improve your reputation to get to that level where clients offer you big money projects instead of you settling for small money projects.

#2 – You are only as good as your last job

Many freelancers dislike formalities or anything related to corporate culture.

I admit, I’m one of them.

I used to think professionalism wasn’t for me. But I learned that professionalism is not how I act with my clients, but the experience I offer to them.

Professionalism is important as a freelancer.

I know you want to earn a million dollars. But you need to realize that mediocrity ruins reputation, while professionalism enhances reputation and attracts more money.

In my experience, little things like going the extra mile, communicating well, and even meeting deadlines can bring in more dollars than you can imagine.

#3 – Reputation is the currency of every freelancer

Let me leave you with this tweet about earning, protecting, and valuing your reputation:

As you can see, these three things are not rocket science.

They are simple. And they will surely make you the go-to person for your dream clients.

Now, go into the world and apply! 🫵

I’m currently working on a short roadmap.

I’ll text you again, next Monday.

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