The Total Subjectivity of Value

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Hey, it’s Temidayo!

Last week, I used the same tactic I shared with you and landed a new client. I hope you used it and landed a new client as well.

If you didn’t, don’t worry, you can always try again this week. You can find the template here.

Moving on, here is what I cooked up this week.

✱ – The Total Subjectivity of Value

You know, one of the biggest eye-openers I’ve had as a freelancer is just how incredibly subjective the perceived value of our work can be.

I mean, think about it:

Two freelancers with the same skills, and offering the same service, can end up selling at different rates.

Why is that???

Well, it all comes down to the perspective and priorities of the client.

Hold on. Let me break it down a bit further…

Take web design, for example.

A client offers to pay $1,000 for a website that would help increase sales. Freelancer A proposes a modern, beautiful website. Freelancer B proposes a simple and fast website.

Now, the client goes on to pay Freelancer B the $1,000 for a website. Why? Because he cares way more about simple functionality and speed than unnecessary visuals.

Do you see how clear it is that the perceived value of that design work by the client is completely different between the two freelancers?


Just like you, I find it wild how the value of our work is 100% dependent on the specific person or business we’re working with and what they personally see as ‘important’ to them.

I mean, you and I could be offering the same skill sets and outcomes, but the value is in the eye of the beholder (the client).

The bad news is, there is nothing you can do about it.

The good news is, you can just align your offer with the client’s needs, priorities, and pain points.


The freelancer who takes the time to deeply understand a prospect’s specific goals and challenges, and then positions their solution as the most valuable path forward?

That’s the one who can charge premium rates, no matter the competition.

Now, go on this week. Go dig deeper and get inside the heads of those potential clients!

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