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People come to me when they want to get more clients from their web-site and web-content. I’m really good at making that happen, quickly.

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How I Work

I have designed my workflow to be simple and iterative such that it allows collaboration, ensuring that your input is valued and incorporated at every stage, from discovery to delivery. 






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My Philosophy

I believe a great website needs to look nice, but it also needs to be fast, easy to use, and make people want to buy what you’re selling. That’s why I build all my websites to focus on both user experience and conversion.

I also believe you only have 5 seconds to grab someone’s attention online before they get bored and leave. That’s why I create content that is interesting to read and makes people want to take action.

I’ve been building websites and writing web content as a Freelance Consultant for over 6 years.

I’ll design and develop a custom site for your business that looks amazing, performs even better, and turn visitors into paying customers.

I’ll also create great content for your products and services in an interesting way that will get people really excited to buy from you.

I don’t just build websites and create content – I become an extension of your marketing team, invested in your long-term success on the internet.

By the way, in my free time, I share insider strategies that successful freelancers use to land premium clients and gigs through The Unfxcked Freelancer newsletter.

If you’ve stumbled upon my socials, you’ve probably noticed most people refer to me as Temidayo XYZ, which is why all my handles come as @temidayoxyz.

The XYZ is not just for show or aesthetics. It’s my way of presenting the countless complex business problems I can provide simple solutions to.

As a Sociology graduate, I’ve always been fascinated by how technology influences human behavior, especially in the business world. That’s why I swapped theories for tech and marketing solutions, and I haven’t looked back since.

I’m just dedicated to providing businesses with fast and simple solutions to their complex problems, primarily in web content creation and website development. Safe to say simplicity and speed are my selling points, and they’re what I bring to the table for my clients.

I even had to close down Foenix Hub, my agency that was doing pretty well, making 6 figures. Why? Because I understood how complex, slow, and inefficient agency processes had become due to their bureaucratic approach.

Now, I’m putting all my energy into building my personal brand. This way, I can help service-based and e-commerce businesses cut through the noise and get straight to simple solutions for their problems, using a mix of both agile and lean approaches.

In case you’re curious, my work has been featured in reputable platforms such as HotCarsAnalytics VidyahTowards AIHackernoonDev.toHashnode, among others.

When I’m not working, you’ll find me creating content to share tips for success with freelancers, or watching football, or even working out to build my muscles and strength (to carry all the dollars my clients bring to the table, of course).

What The FAQ

How long will it take you to make a website?

It depends on how big and fancy you want your website to be.

Some sites (like a landing page) take a few days, while others (like an e-commerce website) might take a few weeks.

Why does your pricing say "starting at $..."?

Great question!

I don’t have one set price because every project is different and unique. The final cost depends on how much work is needed and how much value I’m providing, but I always give you a fair price.

Do you offer hosting and maintenance services?

Yes, I provide website hosting through top secure providers, as well as ongoing maintenance and support services.

This covers core software updates, backups, analytics, security monitoring, and any requested changes or additions to ensure your site runs smoothly.

Do you offer your services together or separately?

Yes, I’m happy to provide both web development and content creation services together, or we can handle them separately based on your needs and budget.

My most comprehensive package includes start-to-finish website design along with all the core website content, like the homepage, about page, service descriptions, etc. After that, I can continue supporting you with an ongoing content marketing retainer for blogging, email newsletter, social media, and keeping your site content fresh.

However, if you are only looking for one piece of the puzzle right now, I can provide just web development or content services, or just a sub-service as a standalone offering as well.

I find having the same provider for both website and content nitty-gritty allows for a cohesive, consistent experience. But I’m happy to customize my services to best fit your current and future needs.

Just let me know what you’re looking for.

What if I'm not satisfied with the content?

No problem at all.

My goal is to create content that truly resonates with you and your audience.

If the initial drafts miss the mark, just let me know what needs to be adjusted, and I’ll be happy to rework it until we get it right.

Revisions are included.

Do you cover niche/technical subject matter?

Yes, I have experience creating content across diverse industries and subject areas – from healthcare, marketing, business, tech/software and more.

I fully immerse myself in the subject through research to ensure accurate, engaging, knowledgeable and context-appropriate content.

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