Your Ticket to the Freelancing Big Leagues

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Hola, Unfxcked Freelancer👋🏼!

Welcome to another week of getting unstuck, taking control, and going pro as a freelancer. In case you missed my last newsletter, see the full archive of previous issues here.


Imagine being a badass at your craft.

Be it writing, designing, programming, or whatever else you’re passionate about.

You’ve got skills that could put many professionals to shame, and you’re ready to make a living from your talent.

But then, you find out that simply being great at what you do isn’t enough to pay your bills.

And now, you’re stuck and can’t find your way into the freelancing big leagues.

I get it!

You’ve been brainwashed to believe that if you’ve got the skills, the money will flow.

But let me tell you the truth:

Your skills are like buried treasure, and without a map (like your communication and marketing skills), you’re not going to unearth them.

The idea that “if you’re skilled at your craft, clients will just magically appear, throwing money at you” is a misconception.

No matter how talented you are, your skills alone won’t get you far if you can’t market yourself effectively.

Your skills are only as valuable as your ability to sell them to potential clients.

Your ability to communicate, market, and sell yourself is your ticket to the freelancing big leagues.

It’s what separates struggling freelancers from thriving freelancers.

In case you still don’t get it, let me break it down for you.

Here’s why communication is your ticket to the freelancing big leagues:

1. It’s About Perception

Perception is reality. Albert Einstein once said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”. Likewise, if you can’t simply explain what you do in a way that resonates with potential clients, they won’t see your true value. They’ll just scroll on to the next freelancer who knows how to communicate their worth effectively.

2. Building Trust

Trust is the cornerstone of any successful business relationship; this includes freelancing. If you can’t communicate in a way that builds trust, you’ll find it difficult to land clients. Clients need to feel confident that you’re the right person for the job, and that confidence starts with how you communicate.

3. Standing Out in a Crowded Field

The global number of freelancers is estimated to be 1.57 billion. As a freelancer, you are just one of many talented individuals in this busy and crowded marketplace. Effective communication is your hook. It’s what makes you stand out from the rest, catches clients’ attention, and gets money out of their pockets.

4. Negotiating Like a Pro

Being a good communicator isn’t just about talking about what you do; it’s also about listening to what clients need and negotiating a good deal. When you can understand a client’s needs and articulate how you’ll meet them, you’re more likely to land the gig, often at a better rate.

5. Repeat Business and Referrals

The math is simple: Happy Client = Happy Business. Because happy clients become repeat clients and refer you to others. It shows that your communication skills extend beyond the initial project pitch; they shape the entire client experience. If it’s a positive one, you’ve got a client for life.


That’s a wrap, Unfxcked Freelancer!

Catch you on the flip side,

Temidayo – Chief Unfxcker

The Unfxcked Freelancer

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