Three Rookie Mistakes to Avoid as a Freelancer

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Hey — It’s Temidayo.

Welcome to February, the month of love—and the month we continue hustling.

Before we get into today’s issue, let’s take a moment to look back at January.

How was it for you?

Did you start the year strong?

I sincerely hope you did.

But if you didn’t, don’t beat yourself up. You’re not alone.

Because I made some rookie mistakes, even though I’ve been freelancing for a while.

And they held me back from getting more gigs, more clients, and more money.

I don’t want them to hold you back.

That’s why I’m in your inbox today to share with you the mistakes I made, so you can avoid them this year.

That said, here are 3 rookie mistakes to avoid in 2024 as a freelancer.

#1 – Putting all your eggs in one basket

This is a mistake that many freelancers make. They depend on one source of income, one type of service, or one platform of exposure.

They don’t diversify their income streams, their service offerings, or their marketing channels. They just put all their eggs in one basket and hope for the best.

But that’s a risky strategy.

Because what if that basket breaks? What if that source of income dries up, that type of service becomes obsolete, or that platform of exposure changes its rules?

What then? You’re fxcked!

You don’t want that. You want to have multiple baskets.

For instance, I do tech writing, non-tech writing, academic writing, web development, and even designs.

You want to have multiple sources of income, multiple types of service, and multiple platforms of exposure. You want to have options.

That way, you can make your freelance business more sustainable.

#2 – Pitching the gig instead of the client

This is another mistake that many freelancers make. They focus on the gig, not the client. They focus on the task, not the problem.

And they wonder why they don’t get hired.

Because they’re missing the point!

The point is not the gig. The point is the client. The client is the one who has the need, the want, and the problem.

The client is the one who has the dollars and the decision. And that’s why the client matters most.

Whenever you’re sending a proposal on Upwork or a cold email/DM, you need to pitch the client, not the gig.

Once you can pitch the solution instead of the service, you get hired.

#3 – Good times, zero marketing

This is a mistake I keep repeating. At this point, I don’t think I can call it a mistake anymore. Maybe I should start calling it a not-so-smart decision of mine.

Many freelancers stop marketing their freelance business when times are good. They stop promoting their services, generating leads, and building relationships when they have enough clients, enough projects, and enough money.

And they think they’re smart. But they’re not.

Because they don’t realize that good times don’t last forever.

Clients can change their minds. Projects can end. Money can run out. The market can shift. Competition can increase. Demand can decrease.

You don’t want to be a victim of any of that.

That’s why you need to keep marketing your freelance business, even when times are good and you have enough clients, enough projects, and enough money.

Because that’s how you prepare for the future. That’s how you maintain your momentum. And most importantly, that’s how you secure your dollars and grow your business.

Those are the three rookie mistakes to avoid in 2024.

Which of these mistakes have you made?

Which one have you learned from?

Think about it.

There will be no goody bag today due to digital logistics issues.

I’ll text you again, next Monday.

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