Why Your Proposal Was Ignored by the Client

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Hey — It’s Temidayo.

Have you ever sent a proposal or a pitch to a potential client and got no response?

I have. And it sucks. In fact, it happened to me again last week.

I sent a killer proposal for a web design project that looked perfect for me. As in, I was so confident that I could do a great job.

I could swear I did everything right. Or so I thought.

But then I got nothing in return. No reply. No feedback. No project. No client. Nothing.

I’m not even going to lie; I was disappointed.

Questions like “What did I do wrong?” started to bother me, making me wonder if there was something I could have done better.

And maybe you’ve asked yourself the same questions. Or maybe you’ve experienced the same pain. I just want to say I know how it feels, and it’s not your fault.

It’s just a part of the game.

And that’s why today, I want to share with you three reasons why your proposal or pitch was ignored by that potential client.

These 3 reasons are based on my own experience, and they can help you avoid rejection in the future.

Let’s get into it.

#1 – You pitched the right solution for the wrong client

One of the reasons your proposal might have been ignored is that you pitched the right solution to the wrong client.

Yes, the solution might be right for their business, but they don’t need it. It’s like selling a bicycle to someone who has no legs. The bicycle is a good solution for transportation, but it’s useless for someone who can’t pedal.

That is why you need to find an alignment between your solution and the client’s problem.

For instance, you can be a freelance writer who pitches blog post packages to tech startups who want to generate more leads and educate their audience about their product.

This way, you can pitch the right solution to the right client, such that it solves their problem and meets their goal and needs.

#2 – You pitched a service, rather than a solution

This is another reason why your proposal or pitch was ignored by the potential client.

You focused on the service, not the solution. You focused on what you do, not what you deliver. And then you wonder why you don’t get hired.

It’s because you’re missing the value! The value is the difference between your service and your solution. It is the outcome of your service.

So, you need to pitch a solution, rather than a service. Your proposal needs to let the client know what you will deliver, not what you will do.

For instance, you should pitch “more leads” to a client instead of ‘excellent writing’ or ‘responsive website’. Because at the end of the day, the solution is what will get you hired.

#3 – The client’s budget, rather than the client, said no

This is another reason why clients ignore your pitch. You might not know this, but sometimes, clients run away because they don’t have enough budget that equals what you proposed.

This is more reason why you should focus on the value of the project, not what you charge. Benefits over Cost, anytime. This way, you won’t miss the investment.

For instance, as a web designer, you should focus on how the website can increase the client’s visibility, rather than how much you charge per hour or per web page.

This way, you can find out what is stopping them from hiring you, paying you, and working with you. And then you can address it to work in your favour.

Which one have you learned from? ​ Think about it.

There will be no goody bag today due to digital logistics issues.

I’ll text you again, next Monday.


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