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Hey — it’s Temidayo.

First off, I want to say thank you to the anonymous reader who left some encouraging feedback last week. It means a lot, so thank you!

Keeping that momentum going, today I’ve got another scenario where it’s perfectly reasonable for freelancers to raise their rates to premium levels.

✱ – Niche Expertise Demand Premiums

Look, general skills and experience only take you so far as a freelancer. Sometimes, landing bigger gigs means bringing very specific knowledge and capabilities to the table.

Maybe you’re a designer who happens to also be very good with a certain Adobe software. Or a content writer with years of writing for tech companies only.

These types of hyper-focused skillsets aren’t just picked up overnight through one random Udemy course. I’m talking about hard-earned expertise honed over years of intentional learning and real-world application.

And you better believe that depth of knowledge is incredibly valuable to clients when they have specific needs. It allows you to deliver streamlined, effective solutions they couldn’t access elsewhere.

A perfect example: A client of mine recently hired a freelance data analyst who specializes solely in analyzing data around the Ethereum blockchain. Not just general data analysis skills, but deep expertise in exactly the Ethereum blockchain.

Was my client able to find a “decent” general data analyst for cheaper? Probably.

But she recognized the value of paying a premium for someone who understood the precise needs, terminology, and best practices specific to her niche field.

That’s really just it.

So if you happen to be specifically good at something, don’t be afraid to let your rates reflect that premium value.

Fine… there are clients who don’t mind paying more for general skills these days.

But specific skills that solve a very specific need? That’s premium expertise worthy of premium pricing every single time.

It’s just a matter of owning and confidently positioning yourself.

Alright, that’s my take on this one!

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